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CPIT was invited to have a speech at Insights Valley Asia

2nd Insights Valley Asia 2013 

Connect the dots and transform insight into winning business strategies
20130605 CPIT Insight Valley Conference Group
All speakers at IVA on 17th May

Bangkok, May 17th 2013 – Into the 2nd year, the Insight Valley Asia was organized by Merlien institute, a meeting of brightest in the consumer insight field. The conference has brought together passionate researchers from client-side and supplier side companies showcasing practical applications of consumer insight methodologies and case studies.

CPIT speaker

In this context, CPIT, Thailand’s specialist of Location Intelligence solutions, shared about their experience in this domain with a presentation titled: Location Based Intelligence for Business Insights Solutions to Drive the Bottom Line and Create a Positive Customer Experience. The presenter, CPIT location intelligence specialist Jean-Yves FARGEAT, highlighted the location intelligence benefits toward sales and marketing strategies, discussed privacy, and presented some use cases of geomarketing, site selection, and sales optimization.

It’s time to turn your insight into actions with geographical analysis of location based intelligence.

CPIT, exclusive distributor for APAC of Galigeo Location Intelligence Solution.

Galigeo launches Galigeo-for-CRM

Galigeo-for-CRM, a Location Intelligence software for Sales Forces

New York City, May 28th 2013 – Leading Location Intelligence provider, Galigeo announces the launch of Galigeo-for-CRM an advanced Location Intelligence software solution for Enterprise companies.

The CRM product is designed to assist Sales Operations, Sales Forces and Field Service Management teams in improving sales and service efforts through better management of territories, lead or case assignment, visit planning and routing.
20130605 CPIT Galigeo for CRM

Galigeo-for-CRM empowers organizations to extend any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database with visual geographical dimensions. The integration of Galigeo’s location intelligence solutions with CRM brings value as a way to put proximity and geography at the heart of sales and service processes and enables organizations with field forces to integrate location applications with performance management, reporting, predictive analytics and campaign management, case (field trouble ticket) management solutions to improve sales and service performance and optimize marketing operations. What is more, Galigeo-for-CRM offers 3 main functionalities.

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With CPIT, exclusive distributor for APAC of Galigeo Location Intelligence Solution.

Carrefour STRENGTHENS Business Analytics with the Addition of Location Intelligence

Esri Partner Galigeo Implements GeoDashboard using ArcGIS with the World’s Second-LARGEST Retailer

Redlands, CaliforniaEsri announces that Carrefour Group, the second-largest retailer in the world with nearly 10,000 stores around the globe, has implemented an enterprise-wide marketing solution from Esri partner Galigeo. The solution, Geodashboard, incorporates ArcGIS and enhances existing enterprise business intelligence (BI) software to improve decision making. Carrefour staff around the world are guided through different operational workflows including retail site selection and competition analysis. The solution improves their expansion and development strategy, optimizes direct marketing activities, and enhances store performance through a better understanding of sales territories and customer needs.

“Carrefour Group selected Galigeo, an Esri partner, because of its ease of implementation and its ability to meet technical requirements of Carrefour’s data centers”, says Francis Rivière, geomarketing manager at Carrefour Group.

Galigeo’s enterprise-wide solution, based on ArcGIS, helps Carrefour manage 10,000 stores worldwide.

Galigeo’s Geodashboard uses the Esri ArcGIS platform to view and analyze spatial data to support:

  • Traditional retail analysis such as trade areas, mailing areas, competition, customer locations, and targeted advertising
  • Geographic data including Bing Maps, Nokia data, and aerial and satellite images
  • Information that can be geocoded on the fly

By representing and displaying data on interactive maps, Galigeo’s geomarketing application identifies hidden trends that are not discernible in tables, charts, or other dashboard widgets traditionally used in business intelligence solutions.

“We’re excited to support Carrefour with a very innovative location intelligence solution focused to help Carrefour meet its strategic challenges and help the company achieve its growth agenda”, says Christian Tapia, Galigeo CEO.

“Galigeo is transforming the way companies implement marketing and sales performance applications within BI and other enterprise systems”, says Simon Thompson, Esri director of commercial solutions.

“Location analytics is enabling a more refined and deeper understanding of how to improve marketing and other store-level operations. It enriches data for a more intimate understanding of customer relationships, behavior, and needs”.

→ Reference Website: http://www.esri.com/esri-news/releases/13-2qtr/carrefour-strengthens-business-analytics-addition-location-intelligence


About Galigeo
Galigeo provides innovative location intelligence solutions for superior business analytics. Galigeo software connects directly to enterprise applications, maps large-scale datasets and applies spatial processing to enhance data visualization, reporting and predictive analytics. Our solutions are focused on improving business outcomes. Galigeo customers use the solution to improve Sales Territory Management, Trade Areas Analysis and Resource Allocation, among the many other use cases. Galigeo is trusted by some of the world’s largest companies and governmental organizations. For more information about Galigeo Location Intelligence, please visit www.galigeo.com or www.cpitasia.com, exclusive distributor for APAC of Galigeo Location Intelligence Solution.

CPIT and Galigeo sign a partnership agreement for South East Asia

CPIT and GaligeoCPIT and Galigeo announced they signed a partnership agreement, making CPIT the regional distributor of Galigeo’s Geo-Business Intelligence solution in Southeast Asia.

Location Intelligence needs are quite new in this region but quickly becoming strategic for service providers willing to increase their marketing and operational efficiency, as well as their quality and proximity of services delivered to customers.

This partnership will increase Galigeo exposure in the region and expand CPIT’s solution portfolio.

Webigeo and Geodashboard
Screenshots of Webigeo and Geodashboard

Galigeo, a France Telecom – Orange spin-off, is a world leader in Geo-Business Intelligence. Galigeo designs and produces solutions to integrate the geographical dimension within business intelligence in order to improve analysis, understanding and management of business activities for both public and private organisations.

CPIT is a software editor and system integrator based in Bangkok, Thailand. CPIT delivers innovative Telco-grade BSS/OSS solution to fixed, mobile, IP and multi-play communication service providers.