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GIS and Galigeo V11 solutions for Disaster Management

While this year 2011 has yet again demonstrated that natural disaster are unavoidable, it also has shown that technology can help us mitigate the consequences by improving prevention, rescue and recovery efforts.

By combining the power of GIS and the tremendous amount of data now available across the government, the private sector or even the Internet, Galigeo G11 location intelligence solution is of great help before, during and after such emergency situation.

Its ability to connect easily to multiple sources and aggregate the data in an infinite way to users ranging from the general public to the most trained expert make it a versatile and powerful solution for disaster management and recovery.


CPIT and Galigeo sign a partnership agreement for South East Asia

CPIT and GaligeoCPIT and Galigeo announced they signed a partnership agreement, making CPIT the regional distributor of Galigeo’s Geo-Business Intelligence solution in Southeast Asia.

Location Intelligence needs are quite new in this region but quickly becoming strategic for service providers willing to increase their marketing and operational efficiency, as well as their quality and proximity of services delivered to customers.

This partnership will increase Galigeo exposure in the region and expand CPIT’s solution portfolio.

Webigeo and Geodashboard
Screenshots of Webigeo and Geodashboard

Galigeo, a France Telecom – Orange spin-off, is a world leader in Geo-Business Intelligence. Galigeo designs and produces solutions to integrate the geographical dimension within business intelligence in order to improve analysis, understanding and management of business activities for both public and private organisations.

CPIT is a software editor and system integrator based in Bangkok, Thailand. CPIT delivers innovative Telco-grade BSS/OSS solution to fixed, mobile, IP and multi-play communication service providers.