Thai Operators on their way to national 3G despite delays in the licenses auctioning

The end of 2010 has been marked by several strategic moves by Thai operators meant to let them provide 3G services nationwide even before the disputes over the 3G license auctions are settled.

True Move was already providing 3G in test areas, mostly in central Bangkok, on the 850MHz band thanks to an agreement with the state-owned operator CAT who owns the licenses for this band. They managed to extend these test areas to other touristic hotspots such as Hua Hin, however this could hardly have been qualified as a nationwide coverage.
By announcing officially on the 30th of December that they finalized a deal with Hutchinson, True showed clearly they did not intend to wait for the 2.1GHz band license for extending their network.
True, in a statement to the Stock Exchange of Thailand, said its subsidiary Real Move would purchase a 92.5 per cent stake in Hutchison Wireless Multimedia for 4.35 billion baht. Real Move will also acquire holding company BKFT (Thailand), giving True control of three other firms – Hutchison Multimedia Services (Thailand), Hutchison Telecommunications (Thailand) and Hutchison CAT Wireless Multimedia, a joint venture with CAT Telecom, provides mobile phone services to some 600,000 subscribers in 25 provinces using CDMA technology.
This purchase will allow True to provide access to Hutchinson-CAT 3G network to its customer, taking the lead in the race to rollout of 3G services in Thailand.

One of True main competitors petitioned the government to intervene in what it described as unfair treatment by CAT and was allowed to construct 1220 more cell sites to extend the 3G trials on 850MHz they were conducting with a mere 36 cells. CAT has also said that next month it will propose to the panel granting telecoms concessions that DTAC be allowed to offer 3G services commercially.
In this race to 3G the loser seems to be the third major operator, AIS (Advanced Info Service) who did not find a way yet to provide 3G services to its customer until the long expected 2.1GHz license auctions now planned for some time in 2011.

DTAC extends Claim and Warranty System

CPIT has been awarded CWS extension by DTAC. The original project started in 2009, where CPIT initially developed and integrated the system that manages workflows to guaranty a high level of services to DTAC customers.

CPIT is now proud to announce that DTAC renewed his trust by awarding CPIT with the latest phase of this project, for features enhancements.