World-class automotive supplier boost risk prevention with Galigeo Location Intelligence by CPIT

CPIT has deployed Galigeo for a world-class automotive supplier, thus enhancing the company’s ability to anticipate, react and mitigate the consequences of natural or man-made disasters on its supply chain

The Business Requirement

The company’s operations involve thousands of sites spread across the world: manufacturers, suppliers, distribution centers. As such, one of these links of the supply chain is bound to be stricken by a disaster or an accident.
Past experience of such events has shown to the customer that availability of the data and reactivity in the analysis are a major factor in the mitigation efforts. As a result, they are consolidating the supply chain data from their own sites as well as their suppliers in a centralized database. They have then chosen to use Location Intelligence to provide the analytical tools to present, analyze and act on this enormous amount of data.

The Solution

Galigeo was chosen for this task. In just a few weeks the project was successfully delivered by CPIT, Galigeo’s exclusive distributor in Asia Pacific.
By representing logistic flows in correlation with disasters location on Galigeo Geodashboard, the customer manages to get an instant view of the spread of the impact of a disaster (existing or simulated).
An automated process has been developed to record disaster alerts (Earthquakes, Hurricanes) from third parties in the customer’s database. Users can, from there, visualize complex supply chains and easily select the sites of interest then generate targeted exports with the parts and volumes potentially impacted.
The end users can share this information in a very understandable way to every actor in the supply chain so they can make better informed decisions much faster. They can also use this tool in a preventative manner, where new suppliers and supply chains are assessed by showing them on the map alongside historical data and risk factors.
A process that took Data Analysts expertise several hours to complete can now be done in a few clicks directly by the end users, giving them an interactive and visual representation of all the information they need and potentially saving millions in operational losses from delays and interruption of the supply chain.

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