Galigeo’s Galigeo Extension 1.4 Achieves Certified Integration with SAP Lumira®

Galigeo’s solution delivers enterprise-level location analytics solutions to leverage business intelligence insights, leading to better strategic decision making for customers through interoperability with SAP® solutions

Galigeo announced that its Galigeo Extension 1.4 has achieved certified integration with SAP Lumira® software. The solution has been proven to be fully integrated with SAP Lumira, providing a means of interpreting data to leverage critical insights.

The SAP® Integration and Certification Center has certified that Galigeo’s Extension 1.4 is integrated with SAP Lumira to exchange critical data with instances of SAP Business Suite software.

“We are delighted to announce the successful achievement of SAP certification for Galigeo’s Extension 1.4,” said Christian Tapia, Galigeo’s CEO. “The ability of Galigeo’s Extension 1.4 to leverage the business potential of assets provided by solutions from SAP and other vendors will prove highly beneficial to current and future customer engagements.”

As a result of the certification, Galigeo’s Extension 1.4 is fully integrated with the SAP BusinessObjects™ BI Location Intelligence application by Galigeo. The solution is made up of two modules: the Geovizualisation Extension and the Galigeo Manager. The advanced geo-visualization capabilities allow users to visualize and display their data on a map, even if they have little to no geo-mapping expertise.

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