Galigeo launches Galigeo-for-CRM

Galigeo-for-CRM, a Location Intelligence software for Sales Forces

New York City, May 28th 2013 – Leading Location Intelligence provider, Galigeo announces the launch of Galigeo-for-CRM an advanced Location Intelligence software solution for Enterprise companies.

The CRM product is designed to assist Sales Operations, Sales Forces and Field Service Management teams in improving sales and service efforts through better management of territories, lead or case assignment, visit planning and routing.
20130605 CPIT Galigeo for CRM

Galigeo-for-CRM empowers organizations to extend any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database with visual geographical dimensions. The integration of Galigeo’s location intelligence solutions with CRM brings value as a way to put proximity and geography at the heart of sales and service processes and enables organizations with field forces to integrate location applications with performance management, reporting, predictive analytics and campaign management, case (field trouble ticket) management solutions to improve sales and service performance and optimize marketing operations. What is more, Galigeo-for-CRM offers 3 main functionalities.

→ Read full article, please click here.

With CPIT, exclusive distributor for APAC of Galigeo Location Intelligence Solution.


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