Pre-conference INTERVIEW at Online


2nd Insights Valley Asia Conference 2013

Connect the dots and transform insight into winning business strategies

Key Topic: Location based intelligence for business insights solutions to drive the bottom line and create a positive customer experience 

Only a few weeks to go! Mr. Jean-Yves FARGEAT, our senior solution consultant, will be speaking and fulfilling the knowledge by presenting how Location Intelligence can be used for business insight. To attend our session, this will be happening on Friday 17th May (10.05 am), at Chao Phraya Ballroom, Ramada Plaza Menam Riverside – Bangkok, Thailand.

The following KEY POINTS will be discussed;

• How location based intelligence can generate critical insights for marketers?

• How this can complement marketing strategies and drive bottom line?

• Review of use cases

If you want to know more about this conference, Click Here.

Before that, Mr. Jean-Yves FARGEAT was interviewed by Online MR with a series of interesting questions toward giving his opinions on correlations between technologies and businesses. Read other questions and what he answered, all published at Online MR.

Here are some raised questions.

Will Location Based Intelligence complicate things or will simplify it for the companies? Answer

How should companies justify the required investments on Location Based Intelligence? Answer


For others, this level of Intelligence isn’t yet a priority, but one advantage of  Location Intelligence technologies is that they also have very operational applications with direct impact on costs, Jean-Yves FARGEAT, Senior solution consultant at CPIT

Technology is evolving so fast you will quickly end in an impasse if you get too attached to a product, a technology or a tech company Jean-Yves FARGEAT, Senior solution consultant at CPIT 


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