CPIT gives a speech about Location Intelligence and Analytics in strategic seminar for Malaysia’ Government Organizations


Starting with a great opportunity this year, on January 21st, CPIT Company Limited joined a one day seminar upon the discussion “Precision addressing the citizen’s need through technology”, held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Intended for government agencies and corporations, the address reflects on the issue of leveraging location content for program effectiveness. The event itself was warmly welcomed and organized by AccelTeam, our value added reseller of Galigeo location intelligence.

The speech, introduced by CPIT senior solution consultant Jean-Yves FARGEAT, shared CPIT comprehensiveness on Galigeo LI together with case studies for government agencies. Regarding the LI case studies, the sample data also guides how Galigeo LI’s functions can fit to the needs identified, but also the solutions and benefits expected.

Furthermore, government agencies and corporations are currently recognizing the importance of location-based information and technologies. The LI knowledge shared on this occasion raises awareness on how Galigeo can help achieve ambitious goals, through a smooth integration in various preexisting solutions.


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